Feb 7, 2012

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Thai Massage Benefits

  • headaches, migraines
  • neck and shoulder problems
  • lower back pain, sciatica
  • arthritis, restricted joint movement
  • digestive problems
  • burn-out, physical or emotional stress
  • insomnia, restlessness
  • depression, anxiety


  • Increases blood and lymph flow
  • Balances the body’s energy system
  • Stimulates internal organs
  • Recovers the body’s vital energy flow



Thai Massage is designed to maintain a healthy functioning body and to prevent discomfort or disease. The treatment assists the lymphatic flow,  eliminating toxins from tissues, thereby boosting the immune system. Deep compressions and stretches support the circulatory system by supplying more blood and oxygen to the body and internal organs.

Thai Massage is a powerful healing modality. The assisted yoga postures help to create space between the vertebrae, which in turn helps to balance the nervous system.



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