Apr 15, 2012

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My Yoga Journey



Yoga has changed my life in so many ways, it’s hard to keep count.  In 1988, at age 23, I had a ruptured disk (L5-S1), and opted for surgery to correct the problem. After a year and a half of post surgery rehabilitation, I was able to return to my job as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines.  I continued to work many grueling hours while traveling around the world.  My back was holding up, but I was very young to be faced with such restricted movement,  so I left the job in 1991. I found yoga in 1998, and from my very first class, I knew deep in my soul that this was a powerful healing modality.

It didn’t take long to feel the positive effects from a solid yoga practice. I was a strong student from day one, practicing on average 4-5 days a week. The benefits of the practice continue to be cumulative, and I am most thankful for that.  So thankful, in fact, that I became a 500+ hour certified instructor in the fall of 2006. I also added a 200 hour Vinyasa Training by Jonny Kest in the fall of 2011. With over 1000 teaching hours experienced, I feel blessed to assist others in getting to know themselves better through the practice of yoga.

Come and open yourself to the magic of yoga. You’ll be glad you did!




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